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Our Board of Directors

Theresa Reyes-Cummings
Board President
Director of Program Development with the Jackson County Community Mental Health Fund
Pete Cashen
Board Vice-President
Owner of TMS Tech and Dynamic Discs, Rosedale resident 
Rebecca Garza
Board Secretary
Tobacco Free Wyandotte Coordinator at Healthy Communities Wyandotte, Rosedale resident 
Bob Spaniol
Board Treasurer
Director, HIPAA Commitment with the University of Kansas Hospital
Mary Gonzales
Board member
Board of Public Utilities board member, Rosedale resident 
Courtney Brooks
Board member
Executive Director of Global Ties KC, Rosedale resident
Amanda Vega-Mavec
Board member
Principal of Holy Name Catholic School 
Ruth Harder
Board member
Pastor at Rainbow Mennonite Church, Rosedale resident 
Pastor Tom VanDuzer
Board member
Our Saviour Lutheran Church, Rosedale resident 
Rick Rehorn
Board member
Attorney, Tomasic and Rehorn, Rosedale resident
Mark Mohler
Board member
Owner of Built-More Pools, Rosedale resident
Bob Roddy
Board member
Retired Assistant County Administrator/Public Works Director with the Unified Government, , Rosedale resident
Carroll O'Neal
Board member
Retired dean of students at Penn Valley, Rosedale resident
Daniel Serda
Board member
Urban planning consultant, Rosedale resident
John Hornbeck
Board member
Director of Nonprofits Help Desk, Rosedale resident
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