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Rosedale Arch Club - Rosedale Development Association

Rosedale Arch Club

Let’s be rock solid together

The Rosedale Arch, our memorial to World War I veterans, has been a well-recognized symbol of Rosedale for decades. But there’s a second, less-recognized arch within our community — you!

To recognize your important role in supporting our work, RDA has created the Rosedale Arch Club — a group of generous contributors like you who are proud to be a part of Rosedale’s future.


Join the Rosedale Arch Club by making a monthly or annual contribution suitable to your means. All individuals, households, businesses, and institutions are welcome to join!


Members will receive:

  • Recognition on the RDA website and the Rosedalian
  • Regular opportunities to provide input and feedback
  • Exclusive 66103 decal
  • Annual party celebrating the positive impact you’ve made in our community

You’ve helped us lay the foundation. Now let’s continue building a solid Rosedale community together!

To learn more about the Rosedale Arch Club, call Alissa Workman at 913-677-5097, or email

WELCOME Rosedale Arch Club Members!

Individuals and households:

Businesses and institutions:








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