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Master Plans

Master Plans serve as a road map for future development in Rosedale. They are a concrete guide to ensure that future development coincides with community wants and needs.

RDA is currently working with the Unified Government of Wyandotte County and Kansas City, Kansas, the University of Kansas Hospital, the University of Kansas Medical Center, and other partners to update the 2005 Rosedale Master Plan. Over 800 Rosedalians contributed their feedback for the master plan by completing the Rosedale Community Survey.

To learn more about the current Rosedale Master Plan update, please visit
The Rosedale Master Plan

The 2005 Rosedale Master Plan is the product of a thorough process of community dialogue and partnership. Neighborhood leaders, business owners, community stakeholders, and representatives from local agencies, schools, churches, and the University of Kansas Medical Center participated in the formation and development of the Plan.

The Unified Government Board of Commissioners unanimously approved the Rosedale Master Plan during its meeting on August 25, 2005.

Download the 2005 Rosedale Master Plan

The Green Corridor Master Plan

The Green Corridor Plan focuses on a half mile wide, 3.9 mile long corridor along Southwest Boulevard/Merriam Lane in Wyandotte County that will foster a healthy, sustainable community through physical improvements, social and economic development, and green businesses. The planning process was led by Rosedale Development Association, with funding from the Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City.

The Green Corridor plan will create an area in Wyandotte County, and eventually into Johnson County, that will promote healthy living by providing residents with the infrastructure and social programming needed to live healthy lives. The Green Corridor plan will help meet this goal by increasing access to healthy foods, creating safe places for physical activity and changing policies affecting these goals through education, policy and green business development.

The Green Corridor Master Plan was approved by the Board of Commissioners on October 27, 2011.

Download the Southwest Blvd. Merriam Lane Green Corridor Master Plan