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We are Rosedale
ACTION ALERT: Help us protect our community’s renters
By: Admin
Mar 2, 2016

On Thursday, March 3, the Kansas House of Representatives Commerce, Labor and Economic Development Committee will be voting on HB2665, a bill which would prohibit the establishment of rental licensing departments in local municipalities and would make it impossible for Wyandotte County’s Rental Licensing Department to enforce the minimum housing standards we have.

RDA opposes this bill as we believe it would jeopardize the quality of life within our neighborhoods and could begin to undo the 20 years of work Livable Neighborhoods and others have done in Wyandotte County. Just last year, RDA and Rosedale Ridge residents worked closely with Rental Licensing to address the serious life, health and safety concerns at Rosedale Ridge that resulted in the closure of the apartment building.

Since its inception, the Rental Licensing department at the Unified Government has helped to eliminate blight caused by absentee landlords who have been plaguing our neighborhoods for decades. By insuring that landlords follow a minimal standard of building and maintenance code, we can make sure that our neighbors as well as our neighborhoods are safe and clean.

Please call Representative Mike Hutton as soon as possible and let him know you oppose this bill. The phone number is 785-296-7488. Our representative in Rosedale is Representative Louis Ruiz, and he can be reached at 785-296-7630. He is on the committee and opposes the bill.

Other committee members include:
Rep. Rick Billinger
Rep. Rob Bruchman
Rep. Gail Finney
Rep. Stan Frownfelter
Rep. Randy Garber
Rep. Dennis Hedke
Rep. Dan Kerschen
Rep. Marvin Kleeb
Rep. Reynaldo Mesa
Rep. Leslie Osterman
Rep. Virgil Peck
Rep. Louis Ruiz
Rep. Joseph Scapa
Rep. Scott Schwab
Rep. Annie Tietze
Rep. Caryn Tyson