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Christopher Webb Memorial Garden welcomes new gardeners

The Christopher Webb Memorial Garden sits behind Southwest Boulevard’s Crossfit Matters gym, near a Rozarks trail head at the corner of S. Minnie and Seminary Streets. Neighbors cooperatively grow many seasonal crops. Gardeners often individually tend the rows, but all gather for a workday and picnic the fourth Saturday morning of each month and welcome anyone interested to join.

The garden, which sprouted from a neighborhood tragedy, has bloomed into a community asset. In October 2014, after a destructive house fire, Rosedalian Christopher Webb passed away at the pivotal age of 21. In 2016, his neighbors—Allison and Mike Gile—approached RDA to build a community garden in Christopher’s memory.

Since then, they have organized the neighborhood to realize their vision. Across the street, Karen and Ron lend hose and water, while Allison and Mike share composted chicken manure. Allison’s parents — Jo Ann and John — have filled raised beds, constructed compost bins, installed a water tank and carved out long rows. Sometimes neighborhood elder Ralph Williams stops by with ideas and encouragement. Together, they gather a healthy harvest of community and fresh, local food.

As their endeavor grows, they welcome new gardeners to share in the work and food. Specifically, they could use help weeding, watering, mulching, repairing a small sink hole and obtaining on-site water access.

To learn more about how to get involved, call RDA at 913-677-5097 or stop by the garden during their workdays on June 24 and July 22 between 8-11 a.m.