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Volunteer with Rosedale Development Association
Community Spotlight: Our biggest neighbor
Oct 19, 2015

The University of Kansas Medical Center shapes life in Rosedale in every way. You have probably heard about the groundbreaking on the new, $75 million Health Education building that aims to decrease the doctor shortage in the 30 Kansas counties that are medically underserved, and that KUMC received the National Cancer Institute designation in 2012. You may even know that the KU School of Nursing is designated a Center of Excellence in Nursing Education. But how much do you know about what KUMC is doing in the rest of Rosedale?

If you have seen people working in Rosedale wearing bright blue t-shirts that say, “We Are KU,” you have seen students hard at work during one of several Med One volunteer days, organized by KU Student Life. One hundred twenty students from the Schools of Nursing, Medicine and Health Professions volunteered in Rosedale in July and August doing home repairs, weeding gardens, and building trails. Fifteen students made a longer commitment to coach youth volleyball, soccer, and flag football teams this fall.

KUMC’s A Healthy U Committee has been active in making both the University and Rosedale healthier. They recently partnered with Rosedale Farmers Market to bring the market to campus for one day in August and in September, connecting KU students and staff with local growers. The committee is also partnering with RDA to organize Healthy Halloween this year, bringing in Dr. Jordan Metzl as a special guest to teach balance and agility exercises. Finally, KUMC is currently analyzing the data from the Rosedale Community Survey so your voices are heard as clearly as possible.