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Community Spotlight: Wildwood Outdoor Education Center
Jun 12, 2017

“My first day [at Wildwood] I didn’t have a favorite part because it was all happy.”

These are the words of 8-year-old Josephine, who attended Camp Wildwood for her second year this month.

Thanks to RDA’s partnership with the Wildwood Outdoor Education Center, dozens of Rosedale youth get to experience the magic of camp every year. For just $25 per camper, Wildwood helps local kids discover the outdoors for one week each summer.

Camp includes classic activities like fishing, canoeing, swimming, and crafting, plus the chance to try rock climbing, zip lining, and lessons about ecology.

Wildwood’s mission is to “provide all children with the experience of living and learning in the outdoors from our beautiful 150-acre camp facility composed of forests, meadows, streams and ponds” – and they have done so since 1980!

We are incredibly grateful for the opportunities Wildwood’s partnership has provided Rosedale youth over the years. The smiles on our campers’ faces and the stories they bring back with them are proof of the power of camp.

Camp Wildwood is open to children ages 8 to 15 years old. To learn more about camp, visit them on the web at or call 913-757-4500.