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Hilltop and Frank Rushton Neighborhood Associations host cleanup days

On April 16 and 17, the Hilltop Neighborhood Association and Frank Rushton Neighborhood Association coordinated two neighborhood cleanups in their respective areas.

With help from RDA and the Unified Government’s Operation Brightside initiative, both neighborhood groups were able to cleanup their corners of Rosedale and get to know their neighbors.

According to the UG’s website, “Operation Brightside provides services that assists residents with efforts to cleanup their neighborhoods.” The program’s services include reducing graffiti, litter prevention, recycling, and reducing waste.

“One of our members noticed a lot of trash on Mission Road and we were able to put together a team to tackle it,” Sarah Stueve, Frank Rushton Neighborhood Association’s president, said. “We were able to clean from the bottom of the hill up to the park on both sides of
the road.”

RDA encourages all of Rosedale’s neighborhood groups to take advantage of Operation Brightside’s help and organize their own cleanup days. Tasks to be accomplished on cleanup days include litter removal, cutting back brush and picking up leaves, sweeping sidewalks, mowing overgrown empty lots, or any other identified needs.

“It just takes one person with an idea to make a difference,” Stueve said.

If you want to host a neighborhood cleanup day in your neighborhood, or to get involved in existing neighborhood cleanups, contact Matt Alexander at (913) 677-5097 or email