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From Concept to Concrete: Implementing the Rosedale Master Plan

On December 1, 2016, the Unified Government Board of Commissioners unanimously adopted the Rosedale Master Plan and Traffic Study, a blueprint for the future growth and development of the eastern section of Rosedale. For the past two years Rosedalians have showed up in the master planning process to make their voices heard and advocate for their vision of this community. In the coming months and years, there will be many opportunities to continue to make your voice heard as the plan is implemented.

Here at RDA, we hope to see the Master Plan implementation decisions made based on the vision that Rosedalians identified in the first round of public meetings; the vision of a vibrant, diverse, and walkable neighborhood with metro wide access that provides a delightful and safe place to live, work, shop, and play. We hope to see the implementation process guided by the same principles of broad and deep community participation and engagement that characterized the master planning process.

The planning team, made up of BNIM, inSITE Planning, TranSystems and EPS, began with the Rosedale Community Survey results. In 2015, the Rosedale Community Survey asked Rosedalians to share their needs and priorities for Rosedale’s future direction, housing, parks, built environment, and more. Despite the fact that the survey was 9 pages long, 814 Rosedalians filled it out, more than double the number needed for 95% confidence in the results. The planning team used the results to guide their initial conversations with the community.

From there, the planning team attended neighborhood groups and community events, hosted neighborhood walks, convened focus groups in English and Spanish, and met with a number of other groups and individuals. To get the word out about the public meetings, RDA put up three billboards around the neighborhood, used social media and our online and paper newsletters, and sent out over 16,000 postcards along with BNIM and the Planning Department asking people to show up, speak up and dream big at the 5 rounds of public meetings. Rosedalians answered the call at every step of the way, with a total of 250 unduplicated individuals (not counting RDA staff and board) attending the public meetings alone.

With any undertaking or any community of this size, it’s hard to get complete consensus. Rosedalians are a diverse group with diverse opinions, and as we implement this plan, we are relying on the planning department and the neighborhood to continue the conversation and make decisions based on the vision identified by the community.

If you would like regular updates about development happening in Rosedale and opportunities to weigh in on new development proposals, contact