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Rosedale welcomes Kansas City Direct Primary Care to the neighborhood

In January, Rosedale welcomed its newest business, Kansas City Direct Primary Care (KCDPC). The new practice, located at 2016 W. 43rd Ave., is led by Dr. Allison Edwards, a former Community Health Project intern at Rosedale Development Association.

“KCDPC provides primary care, wholesale-cost medications and labs, and even urgent care appointments in an affordable, easy-to-access manner without any financial wrangling or hassle,” Edwards said.

Edwards’ office uses a unique model of care where patients have unlimited visits with their doctor at a fixed monthly rate. Although KCDPC does not accept health insurance, monthly fees are as low as $65 per month, or $140 per month for a family.

“The goal of KCDPC is to be more than just a doctor’s office,” Edwards said. “We want to be part of the community.”

In addition to a doctor’s office, KCDPC includes a group meeting space that is available for community members to use. As the business grows, KCDPC also hopes to add other wellness professionals, like a dietitian, counselor, or massage therapist, to its space.

“Ever since moving to Rosedale for medical school at KU, I’ve had a special place in my heart for the neighborhood,” Edwards said. “I decided this was the place I needed to start my business when the time came.”

To learn more about Kansas City Direct Primary Care, visit or call 913-730-0331.