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Meet your neighbors: Healthy living at Rosedale Towers

The Rosedale Towers Tenant Association has been active for more than 10 years. The group serves the residents of the 120 unit high-rise apartment building, a Kansas City, KS Housing Authority property providing housing for low-income seniors and individuals with disabilities.

The association and participating tenants work together to plan social events, provide support, and brainstorm ideas to make their community better. It is easy to seclude yourself, especially when living in a high rise apartment building, so another goal of the tenants association is to build community and get everyone involved.

According to Rosedale Towers resident, Melva Kennedy, the 2015 Valentine’s Day party was the most memorable social event planned and sponsored by the tenant association. There were more than 60 people in attendance and they spent the whole party dancing, eating food, socializing, and playing games.

Patrick Hernandez, Rosedale Towers Tenant Association President, believes that the Valentine’s Day party is a good example of how the group helps support the social and mental health of all of the residents in the building.

Hernandez said, “The tenant association helps maintain a healthy environment and living situation.”

To aid in this healthy environment, Rosedale Towers has even taken steps to host a mini food pantry for its residents. With the help of the Housing Authority of Kansas City, KS, new shelves have been added to their computer lab space. Along with a refrigerator, residents have a place to put unwanted food for others to take. Rosedale Towers will also be partnering with the Healthy Kidz Community Garden to receive their extra produce through the growing season.

The computer lab is also a new feature of Rosedale Towers. The tenant association worked with Connecting for Good to bring in two computers for all residents to use.

The Rosedale Towers Tenant Association is the backbone of a great community that loves Rosedale and all the great things the