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Fairway North Becomes North Wood
North-what? The Changing Face of Fairway North Shopping Center

Have you traveled down 47th Street recently and wondered what is happening with the old Fairway North Shopping Center?

Earlier this year, Lane4 Property Group began significant renovations on the 50-year-old shopping center, including: fa├žade improvements, a new roof, consolidation of vehicle entrances, a new parking layout, improved landscaping, and new signage.

This $5.56 million investment includes several financial incentives, including a 1.10% Community Improvement District sales tax add on, Neighborhood Revitalization Act tax incentives and several other development tools.

“It’s encouraging to see the reinvestment in the Northwood Shopping Center and what new opportunities it will bring to a corridor that is undergoing an amazing transformation,” said Scott Bingham, chair of the 47th & Mission Road Area Development and Management Committee.

RDA Executive Director Heidi Holliday worked with Lane4 through the committee, which oversees the implementation of the corridor master plan. The new shopping center includes significant improvements not only to the physical appearance and structural integrity of the building, but also to pedestrian access. We are excited to see this reinvestment in our neighborhood and to see the growth of the 47th Street District as a commercial corridor.

For more information, please contact Heidi at or (913) 677-5097.