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RDA celebrates record-breaking year for RISE
By: Admin
Feb 6, 2017

2017 proved to be a record-breaking year for RISE, Rosedale Development Association’s annual program to celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr.’s legacy.

This January, over 45 volunteers read stories about civil rights and social justice issues to local students. This year RDA’s biggest year yet, including five Rosedale schools and over 50 classrooms, reaching about 1,100 students.

“We are excited to participate because it allows our students to have discussions around topics that are both relevant and interesting to our students,” Rosedale Middle School principal Travis Helm said. “We also want to make a concerted effort to connect with the community and RDA allows us that outlet once again.”

Special thanks to Christal Watson, president and CEO of the Kansas Black Chamber of Commerce, and KCK Public Schools Assistant Superintendent Marcy Clay for helping us lead an excellent volunteer orientation to prepare our volunteers for RISE week.

RISE is a program sponsored by the Kansas Volunteer Commission.

To learn more about RISE or to discuss other volunteer opportunities, please call us at 913-677-5097.