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Road construction on Mill Street
Road construction in Rosedale

By: Katie Green
Community Organizer - Gardens and Food Access
Whether you are a Rosedalian or not, you are sure to notice all the road construction going on in the area. Recent projects include the ongoing work on Merriam Lane, the new Army Corps flood control project on Mill Street, and a short closure of the railroad crossing at Southwest Blvd. and Henning St.

Merriam Lane

Construction on Merriam LaneConstruction on Merriam Ln., the longest lasting and most asked about project in the area, has concluded for the year. This summer, construction stretched the length of 10th St. to 24th St. The project was a total reconstruction of the road, and focused on stormwater management — from fixing drainage issues and pavement problems to building additional curbs and parking areas. And thanks to the Complete Streets Resolution passed by the Unified Government in 2011, Merriam Ln. will soon boast new sidewalks and bike lanes, allowing everyone to move around safely and effectively. The second half of the project will begin next spring and will run from 24th St. to County Line Rd.

The project had been on the “long range plan for some time, and had finally made it to the top of the list,” commented Bill Heatherman, the county engineer for the Unified Government.

Mill Street

Mill St. between Seminary St. and Lake Ave. is closed until the end of December to build a new levee. This levee will help prevent flooding in the area around Turkey Creek, and is part of the ongoing Turkey Creek flood control initiative.

Scott Mensing, the project manager for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, said, “The levee will cross Mill St. between the railroad and I-35 underpass. Once the levee is built, Mill St. will be reconstructed to go up and over the levee.”

Railroad Crossing

Finally, the road construction project your shocks have been waiting for. We have received numerous phone calls in the past few years about the condition of the railroad tracks east of the I-35 bypass on Southwest Blvd. During the third week in October, the construction crew worked to remove the old asphalt and replace it with new asphalt. This will allow the trains to run more smoothly across the tracks, as well as helping to make it less bumpy for drivers and cyclists.