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Rosedale Master Plan up for adoption
Rosedale Master Plan up for adoption
Jun 29, 2016

After 10 months of work, the Rosedale Master Plan Update is nearing completion. The Master Plan team presented a draft copy to the Advisory Committee in June and will make it available for public comment during July. The plan will replace the previous Rosedale Master Plan, which was adopted by the Unified Government (UG) Board of Commissioners in 2005.

The Plan Update includes the eastern third of Rosedale, from Mission Rd. to Rainbow Blvd., County Line Rd. to I-35. The draft plan sets forth a vision for Rosedale based off the community meetings and community survey results. The plan includes sections on Major Moves, such as the proposed University Town redevelopment near Fisher Park, the Rosedale Crossing at Southwest Blvd. and Rainbow Blvd., Rosedale regional nature trails, and a cultural corridor along 47th Ave.

However, it’s important to note that while possible redevelopment opportunities are outlined in the plan, “these major moves will be realized over time,” Zach Flanders, an urban planner at the UG, said. “The Master Plan in no way requires property owners to sell or change their existing property for redevelopment purposes. Instead, it creates a vision for our neighborhoods and shows what could be possible if all Rosedalians work together to create a better future.”

Other pieces of the plan include a future land use plan, design guidelines, housing policies, a transportation plan and traffic analysis, and an implementation plan.

Barring any complications, the UG Board of Commissioners is expected to adopt the plan at the meeting on September 29, 2016.

The planning consultant team was led by BNIM, and also included inSITE Planning, TranSystems and EPS.

For more information or to give feedback on the draft plan, please visit