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Rosedale Master Plan map
Rosedale Master Plan update is underway!
Nov 4, 2015

Ahnna Nanoski
Community Planning Associate
Household surveys for the Rosedale Master Plan update have come to an end, but we still need your input. Master plans are commonly updated every ten years to fit the current and upcoming needs of a particular area, and the Rosedale Master Plan is no exception.

The 2015 update is an important document for our community because it will affect the future physical development of Rosedale — specifically covering the areas around the University of Kansas Medical Center and University of Kansas Hospital — and focusing on the areas between State Line Rd. and Mission Rd. and 47th/County Line Rd. north to I-35.

Even if your home, business, or school is not located within these focus areas your opinion still matters. These are major areas of our community that will affect everyone.

To aid in this process and lead the 2015 Rosedale Master Plan Update, the Unified Government has contracted with BNIM, an influential planning firm in Kansas City, MO. BNIM has extensive experience with master planning — they have developed plans for downtown KCMO, as well as other plans all over the nation. BNIM focuses a lot of its attention listening to the community — they value hearing what community members envision for their neighborhoods, not simply implementing what they think is right.

The planning firm will use the Rosedale Master Plan Community Survey data to ensure the updated plan reflects the wants and needs of Rosedalians. The updated master plan and traffic study will guide the area’s physical development and identify improvements to transportation infrastructure.

Zach Flanders, a planner with BNIM and Rosedale resident, said, “I am really excited to hear what the community has to say and know what my neighbors want for the future of Rosedale.”

APA_Adrianne APA_AhnnaAdditionally, RDA staff members Adrianne Showalter Matlock and Ahnna Nanoski gave a presentation on the community survey at the American Planning Association (APA) Quad State Conference in Kansas City in October. The conference gathered planners, engineers, architects, developers, and government officials together to learn and discuss various planning topics. This year the conference hosted attendees from Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. Combined with two other organizations, our presentation focused on how community engagement leads to success.

To learn more about and share your thoughts on how you want to see our community expand into the future, attend the first of a series of Master Plan community meetings November 4 at noon at Our Saviour Lutheran Church at 4153 Rainbow Blvd., and November 5 at 6:30 p.m. at the Rosedale Middle Gymnasium.

For more information, please contact Ahnna Nanoski at or (913) 677-5097.