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Rosedale Towers community garden
Rosedale Towers residents get growing
Oct 12, 2015

By: Katie Green
Community Organizer - Gardens and Food Access
“I like trying something different for the first time,” commented gardener and former tenant association president Fran Sharon when asked what she enjoys about the garden.

The place growing all this unique produce is none other the community garden at Rosedale Towers, a Kansas City, Kansas Housing Authority apartment complex that houses many of Rosedale’s older residents.

Rosedale Towers gardeners pose for a pictureThis community garden is also unique in that residents do not rent out individual plots, but instead, grow and harvest together. Those dedicated to the mission have been gardening for the past two growing seasons, when the complex received a grant to build the raised beds. Currently, there are three 4-by-12 foot beds, one at a height comfortable for a wheelchair.

The summertime bounty consists of tomatoes and peppers, while in the cool months they grow a hardy amount of leafy greens, broccoli and garlic. Members of the tenant association decide which plants make the cut, before making their way to the beds to plant, weed, and water.

Carmen Sears, a resident who has been involved since the beginning and was raised in a family that cultivated its own vegetables, said that she likes “to see the growth.”

Other gardeners thought that the raised beds helped to provide food for all residents, especially for those who run out of money or food stamps by the end of the month—acting as a safety net. To help widen that safety net and to encourage physical activity and education for the residents, Patrick Hernandez, the newly elected association president, said, “We would love to expand the garden, and build more beds.”

The Rosedale Towers Tenant Association meetings are open to all residents of the complex. Meetings are held on the second Monday each month at 3:30 p.m.. For more information, please contact Ahnna Nanoski at or (913) 677-5097.