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Volunteering with your neighborhood group creates lots of opportunities to meet your neighbors
Survey Update: Rosedalians discuss barriers to social health
By: Admin
Jun 27, 2016

When asked what barriers limit our community’s sense of connection and belonging, Rosedale residents identified the challenges of diversity and the need for more public spaces to encounter other neighbors.

Although many Rosedalians value the diversity of Rosedale, it also creates unique challenges. Despite differences in culture, language, age and economic status, Rosedalians still told stories of neighbors reaching out to connect in simple but meaningful ways. “The guy next door is good people because sometimes I try to talk to him in Spanish and he tries to understand me,” one resident said.

People interviewed also mentioned gathering places that would strengthen our sense of belonging and community. Having more public spaces like a community center, grocery store, coffee shop, or library would create more opportunities to see familiar faces, and even meet new neighbors, interviewees said.

In addition to wanting more spaces like these, people also identified that sidewalks themselves are places that promote social health of the community. Many Rosedalians we
interviewed identified that having good sidewalks, an attractive neighborhood, and a sense of safety would make Rosedale a place where more people can connect, have positive encounters, and build a strong sense of community.

For additional information about survey results, call (913) 677-5097 or email