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Arborhurst Park Neighborhood Association
Welcome, Arborhurst Park Neighborhood Association

Rosedale’s newest neighborhood group, Arborhurst Park Neighborhood Association (APNA), held its first official meeting April 7 and has been going strong ever since. The neighborhood consists of the area just south of Rosedale Park and west of Mission Rd.

In 2015, RDA conducted outreach to areas of Rosedale without an active neighborhood association, including Arborhurst Park. RDA’s VISTA team went door-to-door with flyers for the Rosedale Neighborhood Leadership Academy, a four-part workshop dedicated to training future neighborhood leaders. At the first workshop, several participants realized they were from the same neighborhood, but had never met. The residents began a conversation about their neighborhood and shared passion for building community.

Rebecca Garza, APNA member and Rosedale Neighborhood Leadership Academy participant, said, “It was already the sort of neighborhood where everyone’s walking around and talking to each other.”

“It’s really about cultivating a sense of community in our neighborhood, unifying neighbors and bringing folks together,” Emily Lord, president of APNA, said. “The people in my neighborhood are great people.”

Several residents organized themselves into a leadership team, and went door-to-door to invite neighbors to the first official APNA meeting. The response has been “inspiring,” said Chris Hutchings, vice president of APNA. “I’m very excited to see how active and driven the community is in coming together and pushing to improve our area.”

During an energetic first meeting, APNA planned a neighborhood cleanup day, made plans for a neighborhood entrance sign, and discussed setting bylaws and planning a block party.

APNA now meets on the second Thursday of each month at 6:30 p.m. in the RDA community room. Call RDA at (913) 677-5097 to learn more.