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Rozarks Nature Trails in Rosedale

About the Trails

The Rozarks Trails system is temporarily closed while we re-route some sections of the trail in response to recent development.  Weather permitting, the trails will be re-opened on April 16th.  Please contact Erin at 913-677-5097 with any questions.

Rosedale may be in the urban core, but we’re also home to the Rozarks. The Rozarks are the system of trails we have built around Rosedale in our conveniently located wooded areas.

Our 4.5 miles of trails help connect Rosedale residents with nature and several local sites. Community members can explore the outdoors without ever leaving their neighborhood, while also visiting places like Fisher Park and the Rosedale Memorial Arch. While on the trails, one is never too far from the businesses on Southwest Boulevard or KU Medical Center and the surrounding commercial district on Rainbow Boulevard. At the same time, Rosedalians can enjoy the beauty and tranquility of nature as if they were hours away from the city.

Since the SprinRozarks Trailsg of 2013, RDA has worked with hundreds of volunteers and community members to develop nature trails in the park land near the Rosedale Arch (Mt. Marty Park).  As of December 2014, 2.5 miles of trails are completed at Mt. Marty and an additional mile is complete at Mission Cliffs. In the spring of 2015, a team of National Civilian Community Corps (NCCC) members helped us build an additional 0.25 miles of trail. Volunteers from the community continue to help us maintain the trails so they remain open to all who would enjoy them.

Trail Workdays

Help us keep our trails beautiful! Join us this spring at our trail workdays at Fisher Park to help us maintain the Rozarks.

2018 Trail Workdays coming soon! 

To RSVP or learn more, give us a call at 913-677-5097.

Map of the Rozarks


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