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Rosedale Parks

Besides the Rozarks Trails, some of our favorite places to play are in Rosedale parks. Whether you need a place to exercise or just relax, our parks are a great place to do both (and more).

List of Rosedale Parks

Rosedale Park

Located near 41st and Mission Rd.

Rosedale Park is an awesome place to play! At Rosedale Park you can play on the playground, on the disc golf course, in the baseball diamond, on the tennis courts, in the skate park and on the soccer field.

Fisher Park

Located near 39th Ave. and Springfield St.

Fisher Park offers playground equipment, an exercise area, entrance to the Rozarks trails, basketball hoops, and picnic tables. However, there are no restrooms.

Mt. Marty Park

Located near Booth St. and Park Dr.

Home of the Rosedale Memorial Arch, Mt. Marty Park is also home to some of the Rozarks trails.

Whitmore Playground

Owned and operated by Rainbow Mennonite Church, Whitmore Playground is a great place to play. It offers playground equipment, basketball hoops, picnic tables, and easy parking.