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Je T'aime Taylor
Je T’aime Taylor

Je T’aime is a native of Kansas City, KS, graduating from Washington High School and Ewing Marion Kauffman Youth Advisory Board. She completed her Bachelors of Science degree in Social Work from a small Mennonite liberal arts college, Bethel College. During college Je T’aime worked as a Servant Leader Intern with the Children’s Defense Fund Freedom Schools program. Later Je T’aime worked as a regional Service Program Administrator with American Indian sovereignty issues and community organizing in New Orleans. She also coordinated two young adults programs: International Volunteer Exchange Program, which gave young adults outside the U.S. the opportunity to serve communities in the U.S, and Summer Service, which supported youth of color who were committed to serving their community for the summer.

Currently, Je T’aime is the Healthy Kids Program Director at Rosedale Development Association. RDA, with the help of AmeriCorps volunteers, serve Rosedale through many programs and events. A few of the programs include Minor Home Repair, Community Gardens, Kids in the Kitchen, Summer Youth Employment and more.

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