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Kimberly Hunter

Kimberly moved to Rosedale in 2016 to join RDA’s AmeriCorps Kansas service team as the Community Gardens Coordinator. Prior to joining the RDA team, she worked in organic, community supported agriculture; public high school education; and labor, immigrant, healthcare and faith-based community organizing. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Florida in 2008 and a Master of Science in Teaching English as a Second Language from City College of New York in 2014. In addition, Kimberly has obtained certificates in Spanish Language from Guatemala’s Proyecto Linguistico Quetzalteco, in Farm Apprenticeship from Kansas State University’s Growing Growers program and in Mental Health First Aid from the Wyandot Center.

Presently she is pursuing a graduate level certificate in Conflict Resolution from the Kansas Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution, expanding her Wyandotte County knowledge as part of Leadership 2000’s Class 32 and learning Rosedale history from her neighbors. As the Community Relations Coordinator, Kimberly manages RDA’s marketing and communications, coordinates community programs and events and seeks ways to connect Rosedalians’ resources to more efficiently meet their needs. In addition to serving at RDA, she loves participating in Rainbow Mennonite Church, sharing a car with her neighbor and being able to walk from her house to work, church and a community garden. Living in the same community she serves is important to her.

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