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Youth Programs

It’s not just infrastructure like sidewalks and buildings that make a strong, healthy community. Rosedale youth play a big part in making our community a better place to live, work, and play. After all, they are our community’s future.

Excellence in Education

RISE 2015_3We are so proud of our youth. That’s why Rosedale Development Association helps celebrate their successes by supporting Excellence in Education.

Students at Rosedale schools are rewarded for academic achievement, exemplary behavior and citizenship, and high levels of attendance and participation. This program is designed to give community support to students who are doing well. Students are recognized after each academic quarter.

Summer Youth Employment

Summer Youth EmploymentRDA manages an eight week summer employment program providing Rosedale youth with work experience at a local business in an area of personal interest.

This program provides early employment opportunities for 14 to 17 year-old youth who are generally hired less frequently than older youth. Participants are required to attend job skills training sessions before they begin working.

Interested in building up your resume? Apply to participate in Summer Youth Employment!

Download the Summer Youth Employment Application

Send your applications to

Rosedale Healthy Kids

Rosedale Healthy Kids (RHK) is a Girls in Garden Clubcommunity effort to reduce childhood obesity in Rosedale by promoting
healthy, active lifestyles for all residents.

RHK recognizes that childhood obesity is caused not only by lack of exercise and healthy foods, but by a lack of access to healthy foods, safe routes for bicyclists and pedestrians, and out of school activities for youth.  RHK is working to make the healthy choice the easy choice in Rosedale by creating:

Healthy kids need healthy food options. Rosedale Healthy Kids creates access to healthy food in Rosedale through 12 (and counting) community gardens, plus home garden kits that can help anyone grow their own fresh vegetables. Schoolyard gardens at two local elementary schools and one daycare teach kids where their food comes from.

Rosedalians can find even more healthy food options at the Rosedale Farmers Market, where SNAP and SFMNP users get double value on every dollar they spend. For anyone who needs help preparing all that fresh food, there are healthy cooking classes available for kids and adults. RHK also works to increase access to healthy food for everyone through advocacy for healthy food incentives and policies that support urban farms and gardens.

Staying healthy means moving your body! Rosedale kids can join a Walking School Bus to start the day off with safe, healthy exercise, or they can attend a Bike Rodeo to learn tips and tricks for safe cycling. Community Walking Clubs offer walking buddies and motivation for adults who want to get moving.

Rosedale Healthy Kids advocates for sidewalks, bus lines, walking trails, and bike paths in the neighborhood to make it easier and safer for Rosedalians to move on foot or on wheels.

Rosedale youth can participate in healthy activities year-round through the work of Rosedale Healthy Kids. Between weekly after-school programs, seasonal programs, and big events, kids have lots of options to stay healthy and have fun throughout the year. Some activities include:

  • Healthy Kids Clubs
  • Girls and Moms on the Move
  • Freewheels for Kids
  • Sports
  • Garden clubs
  • Healthy Kids Carnivals
  • Healthy Halloween
In addition to active living programs, Rosedale Healthy Kids is home to the Rosedale Girls Empowerment Project. The Girls Empowerment Project includes the Rosedale Girl Scouts troop (Troop 1685) and Girls and Moms on the Move.

While these programs do include lessons on healthy living, they also branch out to help Rosedale’s girls learn new skills and develop leadership skills. The Rosedale Girl Scouts troop will conduct service learning, health-focused, and STEM-related activities. This will include guest speakers from various community organizations, field trips to events and volunteer opportunities, working in community gardens and local trails, and weekly meetings.

Girls and Moms on the Move activities are health-focused and consist of weekly sessions for six weeks each semester. At these sessions, girls learn the benefits of healthy eating and active living, work with their mentors and train for a 5K run. Since 2011, the six week program has met every semester, and the participants have run in 9 races. The goal for the Girls Empowerment Initiative is to develop confident, healthy young women with leadership skills and a desire to serve the community.