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Get Involved


Our community wouldn’t be where it is today if we didn’t have dedicated community members giving their time. What interests you? Whether you can share a few hours each week, one day a month,
or during a particular season, we offer many opportunities to make a difference.

The Rosedale Community Archive supports a greater understanding of Rosedale, creating a dynamic relationship between past, present, and future. Volunteers are needed to manage and assist with a three-step process of recording, filing and digitizing historical materials residents have donated over the decades. The final goal is to have originals stored safely with digital copies displayed on learn more, contact Kimberly Hunter at 913-677-5097 or [email protected].

Each Monday morning, Rosedalian Jo Heinzman preserves local history for the next generation.

Only have a few hours to commit? Help us run our events! Throughout the year we host several events like Reading Inspirational Stories to Empower, Bike Month events, and Healthy Halloween to help build Rosedale’s community. To learn more, contact Alissa Workman at [email protected] or 913-677-5097.

Do you love walking around Rosedale and/or visiting local businesses and institutions? Help us spread the word about upcoming events and local news by handing out flyers in your neighborhood and posting them to community bulletin boards. To learn more, contact Kimberly Hunter at 913-677-5097 or [email protected]

Ready to get your hands dirty? We need volunteers throughout the spring, summer, and fall to help maintain our community gardens. To learn more, contact Je T’aime at 913-677-5097 or [email protected].

During the 2018 growing season, Sharon Pace managed the community garden at 45th Ave. and Rainbow Blvd.

Thanks to years of pro-bono partnership from gifted Rosedalian Elizabeth Johnston, RDA's graphic design needs are currently met.

View some of Elizabeth's handiwork at

Help at the office by greeting visitors, answering phones, forwarding emails, sorting the monthly newsletter, and updating the contact database. Training is available for office procedures. To learn more, contact Kimberly Hunter at 913-677-5097 or [email protected].

Kauffman Scholar, Payton Earl, served as RDA's office assistant for Summer 2017.

Commit to visiting one of Rosedale’s orchards once a week during spring, summer, and fall. Duties include watering, weeding, and notifying RDA about any problems. Giving Grove training is available for this volunteer position. To learn more, contact Erin Stryka at 913-677-5097 or [email protected].

Help us make Rosedale a beautiful, safe place to live, work and play. Work with low-income and elderly community members to make their houses homes again. To learn more, contact Erin Stryka at 913-677-5097 or [email protected].

Do you belong to a community organization, such as a church, school, multicultural group, or sports club? Volunteer as an ambassador to (1) help us understand what matters to your community and (2) help connect your community with upcoming events and local news. To learn more, contact Kimberly Hunter at 913-677-5097 or [email protected]

Neighborhood groups are an important grassroots tool for individuals to communicate with and support one another. They help make their communities safe, attractive places to live. RDA offers support to these groups whenever possible by attending and speaking at meetings, helping with the production of neighborhood newsletters, and assisting with problem-solving and long-term tactical planning. To learn more, click here and contact Erin Stryka at 913-677-5097 or [email protected].

"The Triangle" is a public green space located along Southwest Blvd., near the Mission Road and Interstate 35 exits. Years ago, Rosedalian Phil Gardos planted and maintained the area with irises, rose bushes and flowering native plants. This beauty was one of many gifts Phil shared with the neighborhood before he passed. Now volunteers are needed to maintain the space in his honor, for the enjoyment of all who pass by. To learn more, contact Erin Stryka at 913-677-5097 or [email protected].

Phil Gardos, founder of the Triangle Guerilla Garden, believed beauty belongs in all zipcodes.

Ideally, websites would change as quickly as current events, but in reality, even routine maintenance can be time-consuming. Help update as local news breaks and other informational needs arise. This position would be perfect for a volunteer who can commit 1-2 hours a week for several months and loves doing good from the comfort of their home. To learn more, contact Kimberly Hunter at 913-677-5097 or [email protected].

Kauffman Scholar, Tuong Nguyen, gave RDA's website an Elementor makeover in Summer 2018.

Every season, RDA runs youth sports programming for elementary school students in the Rosedale area. If you love sports like baseball, basketball, soccer, and volleyball, we need you to help coach our kids. To learn more, contact Je T’aime Taylor at 913-677-5097 or [email protected].

Thank you, Michael Bryant, for coaching RDA's youth soccer team!


Rosedale is more than a place. Rosedale is a community — one that values and celebrates diversity, honors the past, embraces opportunity and dares to dream. Your financial gift today helps sustain our work to ensure a bright future for all who live, work and play here in Rosedale. You might also consider contributing regularly as a Rosedale Arch Club member. To learn more visit:


Help us spread the word about the causes that affect you. Whether it’s sharing photos on Facebook, attending neighborhood meetings, or working directly with us, you can help make a difference in Rosedale simply by using your voice.


But it’s not just individuals that can help make Rosedale a better place. Your business or organization can make a difference, too. Whether that’s making a donation, working with us to offer more programs, or helping us reach more Rosedalians, we’d love to hear from you.

Email [email protected] or call 913-677-5097 to discuss the possibility of a partnership.

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