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Survey Says… Community survey results are in

Thank you Rosedale! We asked, and you have spoken.

As part of Rosedale Development Association’s efforts to gather community input to guide both the upcoming Rosedale Master Plan and our programming, RDA distributed community surveys to all Rosedale households and businesses.

Currently a research team at the University of Kansas School of Medicine is busy tallying the responses from the 817 completed surveys. That’s right: 817 Rosedalians took time out of their busy schedules to complete the survey! So, what did everyone have to say? Over the next six months, we will be highlighting findings from each section of the survey online and in our newsletter.

Rosedale Community Survey Response Rate


For now, the basics: what was the response rate, and how many people submitted paper surveys compared to online surveys?

Those 817 responses add up to a 16% response rate, which means we exceeded the 95% confidence interval. Statistically speaking, this means that the average responses will be very likely to represent the whole community. Paper surveys turned out to be the preferred method for submission for most: 72% of surveys were either mailed in or dropped off at the office, compared to the 24% submitted online. Stay tuned next month for more information and analysis!

72 percent completed paper surveys