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Eighty percent of Rosedalians indicate need for more updates
Survey Update: Eighty percent of Rosedalians indicate need for more updates
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Feb 15, 2016

By: Adrianne Matlock
Program Evaluation Specialist
Rosedale is home to some great parks and community events, but many Rosedalians reported in the Community Survey that the main thing standing in their way of utilizing these spaces and participating in events is a lack of awareness of such programs. From all the options, 80 percent of respondents indicated that simply not knowing about these events inhibited their participation.

If you heard about a chance to get out and enjoy activity in the sunshine, would you go? If you knew of a place to get fresh food and chat with neighbors, would you check it out? In the survey, Rosedale residents told us that the most common ways that they heard about the survey were mail, billboards, and the RDA newsletter.

Nearly 50 percent said they heard about the survey through mailings, followed by 20 percent who noticed information on the billboards, and 15 percent who learned of it in the RDA newsletter. RDA plans to use those methods of communication to get the word out about opportunities and activities. We want to put the information in your hands so you can get the most out of living in Rosedale.

Is there is an avenue of communication that works best for you and your family? Give us a call at (913) 677-5097.