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Fisher Park Walking Club
Healthy Parks Initiative works to increase activity in KCK parks

For nearly a year, the Fisher Park Walking Club has been meeting twice a week to stay active and healthy as a community. The group is part of the Healthy Parks Initiative, a project to increase physical activity among Wyandotte County residents.

Fisher Park was one of five parks chosen by the Healthy Park Initiative. The initiative uses two strategies: First, get residents active by organizing walking clubs and park events. Then, work with residents, Parks and Recreation, and community coalitions to create safe and inviting outdoor spaces for people to be active.

Janell Friesen of Healthy Communities Wyandotte described improvements made by various groups to Bethany Park, saying, “So many groups and passionate individuals came together to make that park more awesome over time. The difference now compared to a few years ago is huge.”

Parks and Recreation has always welcomed community input and requests. Now, in partnership with the Healthy Parks Initiative, the department is developing a clear and structured process for residents to request improvements to neighborhood parks. When the process is complete, residents will be able to submit requests for specific improvements and have a clear idea of the status of their request.

To learn more about getting involved in the Fisher Park Walking Club or share an idea for park improvements, call 913-677-5097.