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Rosedalian coordinates neighborhood cleanup (and you can, too!)
Rosedalian coordinates neighborhood cleanup (and you can, too!)

Beautiful, wooded Puckett Rd. is looking a lot cleaner these days. Rosedale resident Tim Downs called RDA recently to ask what he could do to address the litter accumulating on his street.

“I walk to and from work every day and afternoon,” Downs said. “I had been doing that for several years and finally got tired of seeing the trash and everything in the woods and in the creek.”

Equipped with litter pickup bags from the Unified Government’s Operation Brightside, Downs gathered friends and neighbors for a weekend of litter cleanup.

The group found hazardous materials like used oil filters or chemical containers, and was grateful that Operation Brightside picked up and disposed of that waste.

Midpoint National, the Rosedale business where Tim works, supported his efforts. The company offered Tim time off to devote to the neighborhood cleanup.

According to Keep America Beautiful, “a strong contributor to littering is the prevalence of existing litter. About 15 percent of littering is affected by the environment, or existing litter.” Neighbors like Downs are not only cleaning up litter, but helping to prevent future litter in their neighborhoods.

“It does give you a good feeling when you get all that bad stuff out of there,” Downs said.

If you want to coordinate a neighborhood cleanup day in your area, call RDA at 913-677-5097.