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Healthy Kids Carnival 2012
Survey update: parks, playgrounds, and youth programs
Oct 13, 2015

By: Adrianne Matlock
Program Evaluation Specialist
Preliminary results from the Rosedale community survey give clear insight into some of the things that Rosedalians care deeply about: parks, playgrounds, and youth programs.

A quick glance at responses to questions about availability of certain types of places and programs clearly paints the picture of a community that values the spaces and programs that equip not just youth, but all Rosedale residents to play, be active, connect, and engage with one another.

A striking 77 percent of the 800+ respondents indicated that they considered parks and playgrounds to be very or extremely important. At that rate, parks and playgrounds may be one of the most unifying priorities of the Rosedale community.

Even more notable is the 63 percent who placed the same level of importance on programming for youth ages 6-17. What is so notable about this is that of the people who completed the survey, only 9 percent have children currently living in their home. Rosedalians care about youth, whether they have kids and teens at home or not.

How have you noticed that Rosedale prioritizes children and youth as a community? In what ways can you and your neighbors support youth, parks and playgrounds? To share your story, please contact Adrianne Matlock at [email protected] or call (913) 677-5097.