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Rosedale Farmers Market
Survey Update: Rosedalians are a vegetable-eating bunch

By: Adrianne Matlock
Program Evaluation Specialist
Since the launch of the Rosedale Healthy Kids Initiative in 2009, Rosedalians have worked to provide access to fruits and vegetables close to home, and those who have gotten involved eat healthier because of it.

Nearly 70 percent of those who have been involved in community gardens said in the Rosedale Community Survey that they eat healthier because of their participation in the garden. Through the community gardens at 45th Avenue, Early Street, and Minnie Street, and schoolyard gardens at several schools, Rosedale residents of all ages have found that eating healthy is as easy as going outside.

But community gardens are not the only way Rosedalians get fresh fruits and vegetables. One-third of survey respondents have attended the Rosedale Farmers Market and 60 percent of them reported eating healthier because of the market.

Every Sunday morning from May to September, a lively bunch of vegetable vendors and hungry shoppers gather at the Rosedale Farmers Market in the parking lot of Commerce Bank at 40th and Rainbow Boulevard. High percentages from both groups—gardeners and farmers market shoppers—have increased the amount of fresh food they eat because of their participation.

So the question remains: have you eaten your share of fresh fruits and vegetables this week? If not, now is the time to start thinking about taking advantage of these tasty opportunities. Call today to reserve your community garden plot for the spring, and mark your calendar for the recommencement of the Rosedale Farmers Market next May.