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CVS on Rainbow Blvd opening in 2011
Survey Update: Sixty-one percent of Rosedalians feel good about new development
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Nov 5, 2015

By: Adrianne Matlock
Program Evaluation Specialist
Most Rosedale residents who completed the community survey shared a positive opinion of the new developments and changes that have been happening in Rosedale in recent years.

When asked how they felt about the shift in the development of new residential properties and changes in the look and feel of the community, 282 (61 percent) of residents who completed the survey expressed positive feelings on the topic.

Commercial and residential development has been sprouting up in various parts of Rosedale, be it new restaurants and retail space on Rainbow Blvd. or new houses and townhomes in Mission Cliffs. Other changes in the look and feel of the community have emerged as a result of the 2005 Master Plan, such as the brick edifice of the new McDonald’s and CVS, as well as improved pedestrian access to these businesses from the sidewalk.

“I think Rosedale is on a positive path as far as community improvement. I love my community and want to see it continue to grow to be even safer and more vibrant,” one community member wrote.

The remaining 39 percent of responses included neutral and negative responses, as well as residents voicing that they were unaware of any changes or were new residents to the area so were unsure.

What changes, if any, have you noticed as you walk, bike, bus, or drive around Rosedale? Share your visions for improving the look and feel of the community at the upcoming Rosedale Master Plan community meetings on November 4 and 5.

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