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rosedale future professionals

Rosedale Future Professionals (RFP) is a program that focuses on financial literacy for youth in grades 5 – 8. This is a short yet impactful program,  with each cohort lasting four sessions within a one-week period. RFP  shows youth how to budget, the difference between debit and credit, and how to plan for their financial futures. Youth will receive $10 for each session that they attend.

When is the next cohort?

There will be five cohorts in this fall of 2021, each lasting one week and consisting of of four sessions. New cohorts will start on the following dates:

  • · October 4
  • · October 11
  • · October 18
  • · October 25
  • · November 1
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For more information on RSP enrollment or cohorts, please reach out to Youth Program Coordinator Victor Michicmani.

Contact us

913 677-5097
1403 Southwest Blvd Kansas City, KS, 66103
[email protected] 
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