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Advancing Rosedale Community Health
Advancing Rosedale Community Health (ARCH) is RDA’s strategy to advance health in Rosedale.
In the past ten years, Rosedale Development Association, through the Rosedale Healthy Kids program, has brought the Rosedale Farmers Market to Rosedale; organized dozens of health-focused community events; provided 42 healthy after-school and summer programs to youth; advocated successfully for infrastructure improvements, including four miles of walking and biking trails, new sidewalks, bicycle lanes, new soccer goals for two elementary schools, a new water fountain and playground at Fisher Park; and more. While these efforts have brought positive changes to Rosedale’s four-square mile community, RDA realizes more needs to be done to address the varied factors im- pacting neighborhood health.
In 2019, RDA launched the Advancing Rosedale Community Health project, or ARCH, a comprehensive strategy where programs build community for all ages, neighbors advocate for quality development, and people grow with their neighborhood. Central to the ARCH project are seven core competencies: healthy eating, active living, managing money, job readiness, community service, connecting with neighbors, and advocacy.

ARCH combines programs, advocacy, community service, and civic engagement to not only meet the needs of Rosedalians, but also build a network of well-informed residents who are passionate about their community and equipped with the knowledge and tools for making positive changes within it.
RDA knows building community health in Rosedale will take time and cannot be accomplished without strategic support. Large regional funders such as Health Forward Foundation, the Unified Government/Hollywood Casino Fund, and Kansas Health Foundation have provided instrumental funding to get the ARCH project started. Now RDA seeks donations from the community to further its mission and support collaborative work in Rosedale. By working together, RDA is confident Rosedale will continue to grow into a community that serves the needs of all within it. To donate toward RDA’s work in Rosedale, visit or mail your donation to 1403 Southwest Blvd., Kansas City, KS 66103. For questions about your gift’s impact, contact Alissa at 913-677-5097 or [email protected]

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