Rosedale Development Association

Help make Rosedale a better place to live, work, and play.

For over 40 years, RDA has served the Rosedale community with impactful programming, meaningful volunteer opportunities and strong advocacy for neighborhood improvements. We are on a mission to bolster our organization’s capacity, and your help can make our efforts go even further.

Our campaign sustainRosedale, with your help, can build capacity and continue providing support to neighborhoods, maintaining the Rozarks trail system, providing high-quality youth summer programming through the Rainbow Summer Program and Summer Youth Employment and so much more.  All of which brings us one step closer to our ultimate goal to make Rosedale a thriving community for residents, businesses and institutions.

As a nonprofit, we face the challenge of relying on external support to fulfill our mission. Your donation makes it possible to plan, budget, and make decisions based on our available resources, ensuring that we can continue serving our community without interruption.

Become a member of the sustainRosedale family today.

Learn more about RDA.

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