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Committed to beautifying Rosedale, one neighborhood at a time

RDA is committed to reducing blight and beautifying each neighborhood in Rosedale. From the 42nd Mural project to increasing native plants in our Rozarks trails, there are many ways that RDA is committed to beautifying Rosedale, one neighborhood at a time.

RDA has been removing graffiti from public spaces for over 20 years.
Throughout the year, RDA cleans dumping spots and removes harmful vegetation from public spaces. Erin Stryka, RDA’s executive director, hosts regular outdoor office hours, offering an opportunity to chat about ideas or concerns while also beautifying our community!

Submit a spot that is in need of beautification in Rosedale

The 42nd St. mural was first conceptualized in 2008 from a group of Rosedalians that included art teachers at Rosedale Middle School, a photographer, and RDA staff. They took a bare white retaining wall and transformed it into a community art project for Rosedale Middle School students.

Over time, the mural had chipped and faded, and It was time for a new generation of art to be featured! In 2019, thanks to a grant from the ______ and led by local artists Lydia Knopp and Abigail Townsend, the mural features art by Bania Soto, Billy Peters, and Sam Hernandez. Truly a community project, over 250 volunteers from the community helped to prepare, paint, and seal the mural. You can enjoy its beauty and vibrancy at the corner of 42nd Ave and Mission Rd.

The land that holds the Rozarks trails is a rich example of an urban forest, filled with native diverse plants that filter and clean our air and absorb stormwater. The native flora is threatened by invasive plants, especially honeysuckle, which has spread widely throughout forests in the midwest.

RDA has a group of dedicated trail steward volunteers who help eradicate honeysuckle while planting and encouraging native species to grow, restoring the forest and surrounding areas to its natural glory.

Held annually in April, the All-Rosedale Cleanup is a one-day effort of many neighborhoods, institutions, and volunteers to clean up trash, cover graffiti, and clear harmful vegetation in public spaces.

Thank you to everyone who volunteered at this year’s cleanup – over 200 volunteers picked up almost 700 pounds of trash, including 10 tires, several pieces of furniture, and a mattress.


To help neighborhoods replace damaged and crumbling sidewalks, the United Government of Wyandotte County and Kansas City, Kansas offers a cost-sharing program for sidewalk replacement that can reimburse up to 50 percent of contracted costs. 

This opportunity works best when neighbors can come together to replace entire blocks or streets at once. Learn more about this program here.

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