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We stay informed and involve the community in new development proposals

Part of RDA's vision is to cultivate a community where all people feel safe and connected and live in quality neighborhoods.

To this end, RDA serves as a development resource and bridge to developers, residents, businesses, and institutions in Rosedale. We stay informed and involve the community in new development proposals, and encourage development that meets the needs of all Rosedalians. The strongest tools in this process are our Master Plans – which were created through community dialogue and partnership of neighborhood leaders, business owners, community stakeholders, and representatives from local agencies, schools, churches, and institutions.

Master Plans

Master Plans serve as a road map for future development in Rosedale. They are concrete guides to ensure that future development aligns with community wants and needs, and aid in preserving our existing communities while encouraging intentional and sustainable growth.

Rosedale Master Plan Update (2016)

RDA worked with the UG, KU and other partners to develop an update to the 2005 Rosedale Master Plan. A planning firm was hired in late summer 2015 and conducted community meetings, with RDA providing community outreach and engagement. Rosedale community survey results were incorporated into the plan. There are specific sections of this plan that drill down both the University of Kansas Hospital area (University Town Plan) and The 47 (47th Ave Cultural Corridor). The completed plan was adopted by the UG Commission on December 1st, 2016.

Green Corridor Master Plan (2011)

The Green Corridor Master Plan encompasses both physical and social environments for the Green Corridor, a section of Southwest Boulevard/Merriam Lane running 3.9 miles through Wyandotte County. This corridor connects Johnson County, Kansas and Kansas City, Missouri. The Green Corridor Master Plan was approved by the board of commissioners on October 27, 2011.

University Town Plan

The University Town Plan is a transit-oriented development and multimodal transportation plan that allows the Rosedale neighborhood to grow alongside the University of Kansas Hospital and Medical Center in a way that benefits everyone. This area is envisioned as an active hub of dense activity that includes retail and services, offices, living opportunities, a welcoming streetscape, and a seamless connection into an enhanced Fisher Park and the Rosedale Regional Nature Trail.

47th St Complete Street Plan

Blurb: RDA worked with Unified Government of Wyandotte County and Kansas City, Kansas, Westwood, Roeland Park, and other partners to plan improvements to 47th St. between Rainbow Blvd. and Mission Rd. to make the corridor safer and more inviting, as well as to implement other strategies to support businesses.

RDA continues to uphold the Master Plans via the Rosedale Master Plan Implementation committee, which meets monthly to discuss development in Rosedale.


RDA stays up to date on all Rosedale development applications that are submitted to the UG’s Planning and Urban Design department, and staff regularly attends the Wyandotte County Board of Zoning Appeals meetings, the City Planning Commission meetings, and the Full Commission meetings when proposals in Rosedale are on the agendas.

If you need some guidance about attending or speaking at any of these meetings, check out our advocacy guides.

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