Minor Home Repair

RDA provides minor home repair to low-income, disabled and/or elderly homeowners in Rosedale in partnership with Christmas in October and the University of Kansas Health System.

To apply: Print and fill out the application linked on the button below. If you do not have access to a printer, an application can be mailed to you upon request, or you can pick one up at our offices. Follow the instructions for returning the application, or bring it to our offices and we can submit it for you.
Once you have applied, contact us and we will ensure you are on the list for the Rosedale crews.
Once you’ve filled out the application, we’ll contact you for next steps


Homeowner applicant must:

· Own only one residence, the home in which they currently live
· Not have the finances or resources to complete repairs themselves
· Not have received assistance from Christmas in October in the past year
· Cannot be a mobile home

In addition, applicants must meet one of the following criteria:

· Be age 62 years or more
· Have a physical disability at any age
· Be a veteran or have a veteran living in the home

Learn more about RDA.

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