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About RDA
RDA works hard to make Rosedale a great place to call home by developing programs, partnerships, and advocacy efforts that build a strong and healthy community and improve the quality of life for all those who live, work, and play in Rosedale.

Our purpose

Informally organized as Rosedale Community Council in 1945 as a grassroots, community-centered organization addressing issues such as neighborhood blight, business development, crime, zoning, and flood control, today Rosedale Development Association (RDA) is a nonprofit organization that remains committed to partnering with residents, businesses, and institutions to develop a thriving Rosedale community.


RDA approaches programs and services from a whole-community perspective, seeing neighbors as resourceful local experts and powerful change-agents. These voices inform how RDA works to expand economic opportunity and healthy living options so that neighborhood resources serve the interests of all Rosedalians.

Our Community

One way the local community drives RDA's work is through the Rosedale Arch Club. Comprised of generous individuals, households, businesses, and institutions who are proudly part of Kansas City's Rosedale neighborhood, Arch Club members help RDA achieve community goals in a variety of ways. Consider joining the Arch Club today!

Our goals

Goal 1: Build a strong Rosedale business identity through mutually supportive partnerships.

Goal 2: Increase access to job skills education for all Rosedalians.

Goal 3: Advocate for business development that serves the economic interests of all Rosedalians.

Goal 1: Amplify a Rosedale community identity.

Goal 2:  Increase opportunities for Rosedalians to give input on community issues.

Goal 3: Engage Rosedalians as ambassadors to invite and inform neighbors of all cultures.

Goal 4: Increase opportunities for residents to build relationship in community events.

Goal 1: Advocate for a Rosedale Community Center

Goal 2: Continue health related programs that fill the gap.

Goal 3: Advocate for local, permanent healthy food retail outlet.

Goal 4: Connect residents to and advocate for healthcare resources.

Goal 1: Partner with residents, neighborhood associations and developers to create high quality, green neighborhoods.

Goal 2: Partner with UG, residents and businesses to improve park quality and usage.

Goal 3: Advocate for complete streets throughout Rosedale.

Goal 4: Advocate for policies and development that decrease vacancy and blight and increase gathering spaces.

Goal 1: Improve RDA building to maximize functionality and income.

Goal 2: Increase unrestricted revenue/reserves.

Goal 3: Increase RDA visibility and communication efforts to residents and businesses.

Goal 4: Invest in staff and board capacity to meet the evolving needs and challenges of Rosedale.

Our History


The Rosedale Development Association (RDA) began as the Rosedale Community Council in 1945 as an organization to help the community address crime, zoning, flooding, abandoned buildings, area clean up.


RDA is incorporated as a nonprofit organization.


RDA begins organizing Christmas in October in Rosedale, which offers minor home repairs for low income and elderly homeowners.


Summer Youth Employment program begins with funding from the Board of Public Utilities.


RDA begins participating in Feed-A-Family, which provides food assistance to families in need. It was then sponsored by the KUMC Police Department.


Excellence in Education awards program begins as a partnership between KUMC Community Policing and RDA.


Rosedale Master Plan completed and approved as a framework for future development decisions in the Rosedale neighborhood.


Rosedale Healthy Kids begins working to make the healthy choice the easy choice in Rosedale. The program is a partnership between RDA, the Rosedale Ministerial Alliance, KC Healthy Kids and the University of Kansas Medical Center.


Green Corridor Master Plan completed and approved with the goal of fostering a healthy, sustainable community through physical improvements, social and economic development, and green businesses.


Wendy Wilson, Executive Director of RDA for 19 years, retires. Heidi Holliday is hired as the new director.


First mile of bicycle lanes in Wyandotte County completed in Rosedale as a result of community advocacy.


Grand opening of the Rozarks Nature Trails


Rosedale Community Survey and Master Plan Update begins


Heidi Holliday, Executive Director of RDA, accepts advocacy position in Topeka. Erin Stryka is hired as the new director.

COVID Update


Contact us

913 677-5097
1403 Southwest Blvd Kansas City, KS, 66103 
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