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Rosedale Arch Club
Let’s be rock solid together
The Rosedale Arch, our memorial to World War I veterans, has been a well-recognized symbol of Rosedale for decades. But there’s a second, less-recognized arch within our community — you! This arch is comprised of the generous individuals, households, businesses, and institutions (Rosedalians) who are proud members of the Rosedale community and support the work we do to achieve RDA's community-informed goals. Each contriution made provides structural support for our effots to make Rosedale a thriving community for all.
To recognize your important role in supporting our work, RDA has created the Rosedale Arch Club — a group of generous contributors like you who are proud to be a part of Rosedale’s future.
Join the Rosedale Arch Club by making a monthly or annual contribution suitable to your means. Every gift is meaningful and impactful. All individuals, households, businesses, and institutions are welcome to join!
Members will receive:
- Recognition on the RDA website and the Rosedalian
- Opportunities to provide input and feedback
- Exclusive 66103 decal
You’ve helped us lay the foundation. Now let’s continue building a solid Rosedale community together!

To learn more about the Rosedale Arch Club, call Alissa Workman at 913-677-5097, or email

Contact us

913 677-5097
1403 Southwest Blvd Kansas City, KS, 66103 
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