Tell your story with Humans of Rosedale project

For years RDA has been telling the stories of Rosedalians. From our Good neighbor column in this newsletter to our local business highlights on social media, sharing about our neighbors promotes a strong community identity and introduces neighbors to one another.         

RDA is excited to continue this tradition through our newest communications project, Humans of Rosedale. This is a story-telling series, focusing on long-form interviews with people who work, live, and play in Rosedale. This series is inspired by the highly successful instagram account Humans of New York, which has gained international acclaim through sharing stories of everyday people. 

By reading these stories about other Rosedalians, who often have the same hopes and fears, dreams and desires as you and I do, it helps us to see the humanity and connection between us all. We are looking for volunteers of al ages to sit down with us and share their stories – all you have to do is have a connection to Rosedale, and be willing to have your photo taken and share a little about yourself! The voices of Rosedalians are strong and mighty, and we want to share more about the people that make this community so special.

To volunteer for an interview or to learn more about the Humans of Rosedale project, contact RDA at [email protected].

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