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Rosedale Arch Club
Let’s be rock solid together
The Rosedale Arch, our memorial to World War I veterans, has been a well-recognized symbol of Rosedale for decades. But there’s a second, less-recognized arch within our community — you! This arch is comprised of the generous individuals, households, businesses, and institutions (Rosedalians) who are proud members of the Rosedale community and support the work we do to achieve RDA's community-informed goals. Each contribution made provides structural support for our efforts to make Rosedale a thriving community for all.
To recognize your important role in supporting our work, RDA has created the Rosedale Arch Club — a group of generous contributors like you who are proud to be a part of Rosedale’s future.
Join the Rosedale Arch Club by making a monthly or annual contribution suitable to your means. Every gift is meaningful and impactful. All individuals, households, businesses, and institutions are welcome to join!
Members will receive:
- Recognition on the RDA website and the Rosedalian
- Opportunities to provide input and feedback
- Exclusive 66103 decal
You’ve helped us lay the foundation. Now let’s continue building a solid Rosedale community together!

Sustaining Monthly Donors

Heidi Holliday * KATHLEEN INGRAHAM * Samuel Knopik * Amanda Lindahl * Ashton Wells * Alissa Workman

2019-2020 Individual & Business Donors

Stevie Reynolds & John Anderson
Stephanie Baker
Kale Baldock
Sharon Baldwin
Anna & Michael Barton
Beaver Drill & Tool Co.
Benjamin Lawn & Landscape, LLC
A. Kent Best
Wendy Wilson & Jeffrey Binder
David Bluford
Miriam Bremmer Alva
Kathleen Brock
Doris Brown
Jean Brown
Jim & Virginia Chiles
Rebecca Garza and Robert Christian
Beth Ciperson
Sheryl Colclasure
Kathleen Cross
Davis Family
Kevin & Rhonda Dennis
E. Edwards Workwear
Eric Edwards
Mary Anne Eisenbise
Gary & Linda Elliot
Valorie & Kennenth Fenton
Antoinette & William Ferguson

Paul G. Cuddy & Cheryl Gibson
Lisa Gioia
Gene Gladstone
Emily & Joel Goering
Duane Graber
Greer Family
Ellie Haire
Earlene Hall
Harriet Properties LLC
Joe & Jane Heide
Karen & Clif Hostetler
Rachel Hostetler
Adolph & Dora Howard
Karen Johnson
Kay Johnson
Carol Kane
Kansas City Direct Primary Care
Lydia Knopp
Chaston Kome
Tracy Ocamb & Shari Lanzendorf
Tyler Link
Little Angels Daycare
Ally Mabry
Mary Anne McDowell
Mary Gonzales & John Mendez
Mid America Signal

MKS Employees
Jim Needham
Sue Nible
Carrol lO’Neal
Kit & Claudette Patterson
Senator Pat Pettey
Pleasant Valley Baptist Church
Rainbow Mennonite Church
Sharon Baldwin & Kathy Roberts
Robert & Mary Roddy
Annette & Rocky Rude
Jessie Ruiz
Judy & Wendell Selzer
Daniel & Dede Serda
Linda Shelly
Dusan and Rachel Stanojevic
Lloyd Strong
Inez Swindell
Tao Academy
Taqueria Mexico
Je T’aime Taylor Birthday Fundraiser
Tina Crain & James Traylor
Wilma Trial
Erik & Maria Unruh
Pascale Simunich & Jeffery Wells
Louis & Jane Wetzel

2019-2020 Major Funders

AmeriCorps Kansas through the Kansas Volunteer Commission

Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation

Hall Family Foundation

Health Forward Foundation

John W. & Effie E. Speas Memorial Trust

Kansas City Board of Public Utilities

Kansas City Regional COVID-19 Response and Recovery Fund

Kansas Health Foundation

Livable Neighborhoods Task Force

Neighborhoods Rising Fund

Rotary Club 13

Sharing Community in Rosedale

Sunflower Foundation

Unified Government-Hollywood Casino/Schlitterbahn Vacation

Village Charitable Fund

Unified Government of Wyandotte County & Kansas City, KS

The University of Kansas Health System 

Walmart #998

For questions or more information about the Rosedale Arch Club, contact Alissa Workman at [email protected] or call 913-677-5097.

Contact us

913 677-5097
1403 Southwest Blvd Kansas City, KS, 66103
[email protected] 
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