Fifth graders at Frank Rushton are the fastest around!

Fifth graders at Frank Rushton are the fastest around!

At the end of each school year, KCKPS hosts the “Are you faster than a fifth grader?” event, in which 15 fifth grade students from each school in USD 500 compete against the superintendent in a two mile run. This year the fifth graders from Frank Rushton Elementary school performed particularly well, with all 15 runners finishing faster than superintendent Dr. Anna Stubblefield, and they had the most students place out of all the schools. This marks the third time Frank Rushton has won the competition, previously placing first in both 2012 and 2017. Dr. Stubblefield even commented on how well the Frank Rushton students were prepared, saying that she needs to train with them for next year’s race!

Fifth grade teacher Peter Wetzel helped to train all the students at Frank Rushton, and told me about the rigorous training process. “This year we had 40 students try out, which is more than we have ever had! 20 trained and practiced throughout April and May, learning not only about how to physically perform, but also about healthy diets, hydration, and mental perseverance.” 

Fifth grader Elijah Green finished tenth overall, and was the first out of all the Frank Rushton students, making him the fastest Rosedale runner! Nicolette, Elijah’s mother, shared with me about her son’s recent accomplishments. 

“Elijah is a strong, smart, and level-headed kid who loves a challenge! He has won many academic awards in the past, and most recently received the Anna Powers Award, which recognizes perseverance in students in KCKPS. These accomplishments really show Elijah’s ability to preserve and overcome. Elijah was diagnosed with a degenerative eye disease and has experienced a lot of trials and tribulations. To see him being recognized for his strengths is incredible.”

Congratulations to Frank Rushton Elementary and all participating fifth graders for a job well done.

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