“It’s a family and friends business,” Richard Clifton explained, sitting down at one of the familiar tables at Three Bees. Beloved coffee shop and source of talavera style pottery for the last three years, Three Bees is continuing under new ownership: Richard, his mother Kitty Jackson, brother Daniel Reynolds, and friend Drew Thorson.  

Drew Thorson, who lives a block from Three Bees, reached out to Richard when he saw the sign out front, “Coffee Shop for Sale, $10,000.” Nick Medrano, the founder of Three Bees, was ready to focus on his landscaping business and was looking for the right person to take on the coffee shop. Drew, a software engineer, wanted to make sure Three Bees stayed in the neighborhood and saw an opportunity. Richard, a tech entrepreneur and landlord, thought the business looked good on paper and was looking for a different kind of work — “one where I’m not behind a computer for 8 hours a day,” he explained. Richard used to butcher at The Local Pig a couple of times a week and missed working with the public from behind a counter. Kitty had worked in a coffee shop previously and would bring the operational experience, and Daniel, a small business owner and bookkeeper, would bring the financial savvy. The team officially took over on August 24. 

Three Bees’ name will stay the same, as well as the pottery; in fact, the team is planning a trip to Mexico in October to replenish their stock in time for the holidays. The popular tamales, which had been off the menu for a few months, will be returning along with the salsa. The team plans to gradually expand the menu, starting with some seasonal drinks like atole and Mexican hot chocolate for the winter. The coffee will come from Blip Roasters, and “fun fact,” Richard says, “Blip changes it’s source quarterly, and this next quarter the coffee comes from Mexico, just like the pottery.” 

Three Bees new hours are 9 a.m.-6 p.m. to Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Head on over to 925 Southwest Boulevard to meet the new team running Three Bees!

To learn more about Three Bees, contact them at 913-703-7229.

Written by RDA Executive Director, Erin Stryka.

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