Featured in the August 2021 Rosedalian.

Short-term rentals, often called vacation rentals or STRs, are furnished living spaces available to rent for a short period of time– typically a few days to a week. In recent years several short-term rentals have applied to operate in Rosedale (approximately 20 are currently operating), and it’s important to understand what STRs are, what policies govern them, and how they impact a neighborhood. 

STRs can be part of a family home, where a family rents out a basement or extra bedroom to vacationers for a little extra income. They also can be a whole house or apartment that a property owner uses as a short-term rental rather than as traditional rental property.  

STRs have generated controversy in some cities, including ours. Proponents argue that STRs provide a needed service to visitors, bring tourism dollars into the community, and provide income for homeowners. Opponents argue that STRs hollow out communities by replacing engaged neighbors with a stream of visitors, and that they drive up rent and property costs by removing homes from the market that would otherwise house an owner-occupant or long term renter.  

Under the current KCK ordinance, STRs require a business license and a Special Use Permit to operate. Operators must hold a public meeting of nearby neighbors and meet standards for safety and building codes to gain a Special Use Permit, which is approved by the Unified Government Commission. A new zoning ordinance is in process, however; keep an eye on RDA’s newsletter, e-newsletter, and facebook page for further information when it becomes available. 

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