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New Short-Term Rental Ordinance adopted in KCK

Have you heard?  KCK has adopted a new ordinance governing short-term rentals (STRs) like Airbnb and VRBO.  

KCK began requiring all STRs to have a Special Use Permit to operate in 2018. The new ordinance, adopted unanimously on April 27, 2023, makes a distinction between STRs where the owner lives on site and is present along with any guests (owner-occupied), and those where the owner lives elsewhere.  

Owner-occupied STRs will now have the owner’s residence verified, and the owner will submit an application annually which is reviewed and approved by the UG Planning staff.  These STRs will also have to get and maintain a business license.  

Non-owner occupied STRs will continue to be required to get a Special Use Permit, which includes an application, a public neighborhood meeting, and being approved by the Planning Commission and the Unified Government Commission. The new ordinance also sets a limit on the density of non-owner occupied STRs: no more than one special use permit will be granted on a city block.  Existing STRs with permits will be allowed to continue and will not be counted toward the density limit. 

Read the new ordinance and view slides from a presentation on the ordinance below!

While you’re at it, take a look at KCMO’s new Short-Term Rental Ordinance, adopted on May 3, 2023, which bans non-owner-occupied STRs entirely.  

Since STRs are a relatively new industry, KCK and other cities are working to develop best practices for regulating them.  This new ordinance is a major step forward, but it’s not the last step– the ordinance will be reviewed and updated in one year, and Rosedalains will have another opportunity to advocate for policies supporting vibrant neighborhoods. 

Want to learn more or get involved?  Contact Erin Stryka.

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